Aviator Game at 1Win

Aviator by 1Win is the recent addition to the pool of online games. This is the most profitable game where every player is bound to win. If you have played online casinos or various betting games before, then you will surely enjoy 1win Aviator! You can play it on a desktop, a tablet or a mobile, as it has been adapted to every existing OS.

Bets start at only 100 rupees, and the Return-to-Player ratio is over 97%.

Review of Aviator game at 1win site

How to start play the Aviator game?

In short, in this game you watch the plane flying and have to stop it before it flies away. 1win Aviator is based on the random number generator principle which ensures that the game cannot be hacked and thwarted by any third party.

To start playing it, you just need to login to 1win, make you bet and try your luck. The game is so easy that both experienced players and newcomers will enjoy it, and the win is guaranteed.

Follow this simple guide to start playing Aviator at 1win:

  1. Register at official website;
  2. login to your account;
  3. make a deposit;
  4. place a bet;
  5. enter the Aviator game;
  6. press Cash Out button to take your winnings.

Start to play Aviator game at 1win platform

Aviator Bonus offer

To start playing Aviator game, you make a minimal deposit of 100 rupees, and you receive a bonus on the first deposit up to 200%.

There is no verification for payout, which starts from 100 rupees and takes between 1 and 20 minutes. Bonuses vary depending on the distributor. On the official 1win website they start at around 200 rupees when you make your first deposit.  

Bonus offers for Aviator game at 1win

1Win Aviator game in details

1win Aviator is provably fair that guarantees total transparency in calculating a coefficient. The result is formed by four independent factors: a server seed generated by the operator and the client seeds generated by players. When the round begins, the bets placed by the first three players (client seeds) are added to the server seed to calculate the coefficient.

On the screen you see a plane flying, and your task is to press the Cash Out button before it flies away. The game starts at 1x which can increase up to 1000000.00х. This means that your bet is multiplied by the number at which the game has been stopped.

The tactics of playing 1win Aviator vary greatly. You can play safe and place minimal bets (50-100 rupees) and cash out at low coefficients if you are new to the game. Or you can really try your luck and increase the bet to 500-1000 rupees and wait for higher coefficients. If, for example, you place 1000 rupees and cash out at 2.5x, then your win is 2500 rupees. You can either withdraw this money or use it to make further bets. Payouts can take up to 4 hours and maybe deposited to Visa and Mastercard bank cards and web wallets.

1win Aviator gameplay at 1win website

Mobile Aviator game

A mobile application with Aviator game is available for Android and Apple mobile devices. You can always enjoy this popular game wherever you are and whatever device you use. It is only 12 Mb in size, and all users positively comment on its intuitive and appealing interface.

Customer support is also considered polite and efficient. The payout process is just as straightforward and hassle-free, as with the desktop application.

Play Aviator game at mobile device

Why should you try 1win Aviator?

1win Aviator is a new generation of online games that has unlimited opportunities to win. You can play anywhere in the world, it has been adapted to all existing OS, and payouts are usually fast and straightforward.

With 97% of Return-to-Player, it is the most profitable online game. However, you can increase your chance at winning if you take time to study the history of the game. It is available for all users to see and analyze. Based on your analysis, you can place bets often but cash out at low coefficients, or wait for a longer time (30-60 minutes) and expect a higher coefficient.

Whichever tactics you choose, do not forget about the main rules of online betting games:

  • Do not play in an affected condition
  • Only place bets that you are willing to lose
  • Enjoy the ride

Benefits of playing Aviator online at 1Win platform

Final Verdict

Aviator game at 1Win site was released in 2019 and has since gained massive global popularity. Registration with any bookmaker is straightforward and quick, the game itself is easy and fair, and the amount of money you can win is practically unlimited. This is the most profitable of all games without a progressive jackpot. You can enter and win it as many times as you like. This is the first game where luck is always on your side.

Final Verdict