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Online JetX Game at 1win casino

JetX is a popular instant casino game where users can win money fast. The game is as simple as possible, and whether you win or lose depends a lot on your actions.

Start playing Jet X betting game at 1win today and win money fast with minimal effort!

JetX is a popular 1win casino game where users can win money fast

What is JetX Game?

The game JetX was created by renowned developer Smartsoft, which specialises in casino games, including those in the instant genre. Such games have this name because they allow users to get their winnings as quickly as possible.

The game JetX was created by renowned developer Smartsoft for 1win Casino

Rules of the game

Here’s rules what you need to know about Jet X money game:

  • All rounds of the game are played 24/7 in Live mode and there are many users participating at the same time, all with the same results;
  • Players place their bets before the start of the round;
  • When the round starts, an animated field shows a plane taking off in the air. At the same time, users see their winning odds increase;
  • At any time during the round you can click the cashout button and you will receive your winnings based on the odds at the time of clicking; however, if you do not do this in time, the plane will crash and you will lose;
  • The minimum odds is 1.0, which means that in fact, the plane can crash at any time and you will lose at the start of the round;
  • You can place two bets per round, same/different amounts;
  • The RTP of JetX bet game is 97%.

That’s all the important information about JetX gambling game. Winning in it is quite easy, but a lot depends not on luck, but on the patience and actions of the player.

List with the main rules what you need to know about Jet X game by 1win

JetX betting game Algorithm

SmartSoft developed the JetX gambling game based on a random number generator. The introduction of this technology means that the results of each round are determined entirely at random and cannot be predicted. The technology is called “Provably fair”, and the essence of its operation is that artificial intelligence constantly generates different numbers.

The JetX gambling game at 1win is based on a random number generator

How to start playing Jet X game at 1win?

Anyone over 18 can play Jet X game India for real money on 1win and it only takes a couple of minutes to get started:

  1. Create an account through the 1win website or app by filling out the registration form;
  2. Click on the deposit button and add money to your balance in any way you like;
  3. Go to “Casino” and search for JetX via the search bar;
  4. Place your bets and win!

Any winnings will be coming into your balance as soon as you hit the cashout button at any point in the round and you’ll be able to quickly withdraw them.

Simple steps how to start playing Jet X game at 1win

Play JetX game for real money

Playing for real money at Jet X online game is the main type of game. At the start of a round, you place your bet, wait for the plane to reach the odds you want, and then click the cashout button. You can place 2 bets per round.

As soon as you hit the cashout button, your winnings will be credited to your balance and you can withdraw them.

Playing for real money at Jet X online 1win game is the main type of game

JetX Demo Mode

If you want to understand all aspects of the game and its mechanics, you can play the demo version of JetX. This is how you will place your bets for virtual money. You will also be able to place one or two bets, click on the cashout button and get your winnings in virtual money. When you realize you’ve got it figured out, you can switch to playing for real money in one click.

Play the demo version of JetX at 1win

Download JetX App

Users can play Jet X bet game using the 1win mobile app. You can download it for free on your Android or iOS smartphone and here are the short instructions:

  1. Open the 1win mobile website through your smartphone browser;
  2. Navigate to the bottom of the homepage and click on the button with the Android or iOS logo, depending on your gadget;
  3. Download and install the app on your smartphone.

After Jet X game download you can create a 1win account, make deposits and withdrawals, play and win money anywhere and anytime.

Short instructions how to Download JetX App on 1win website

Best Strategy for JetX casino game

The first thing you need to understand when playing Jet X is that the outcome of each round is completely random, as the value is set by artificial intelligence.

At the same time, winning or losing is largely up to the player. That’s why users develop their own strategies for playing Jet X online Game, and we’d like to tell you about them, maybe you’ll choose the right one for you.

Big betting strategy

Users opting for this strategy place a large bet. In doing so, they make a cashout button at low odds, not reaching 1.5. By using this strategy you reduce the risk of losing, but the winnings are not very big either.

Types of Strategy for JetX casino game at 1win

Low betting strategy

Those who employ this tactic always place low bets, waiting for odds from 5.0 and up. Thus, the chance of losing is higher, but if you are lucky, the winnings will be much higher than the initial bet.

Double betting strategy

This strategy involves placing two bets per round. You cash out one of the bets as soon as the odds reach 2.0. The other one is taken any time you are happy with the odds. The disadvantage of this strategy is that if the plane does not reach 2.0, both bets will lose.

Low and Double betting strategy for JetX casino game at 1win

A mathematical probability strategy

Each round’s outcome is completely unpredictable, but some users like to calculate probabilities on the basis that if the odds are low for a few rounds in a row, they are likely to be high in the next round. At the same time, after a few high odds in a row, users who choose this strategy prefer to refrain from placing their bets.

Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy is used in many classic casino games. The idea is to continually increase your bet. You start with $1, and if you lose, you increase your bet to $2, then $4 and so on until you win.

A mathematical probability and Martingale strategy for JetX casino game at 1win

Jet X game tips & tricks for winning

Those who spend most of their time playing for real money at JetX have a number of tips and tricks you need to know to get a good gambling experience:

  • Don’t chase very high odds, the aim of the game is to make a profit and not to lose, so don’t be too greedy;
  • Be patient and don’t give in to excitement by increasing your bet size too much;
  • Use the auto-cashout feature, as you might not be attentive enough to hit the button in time;
  • Play with variety and keep an eye on volatility to determine how much you can bet without losing too much of your balance;
  • Try playing with the Martingale strategy, but don’t raise the bet too high, because as you know, the outcome of JetX rounds is unpredictable and low odds can be many times in a row.
List with tips & tricks for 1win Jet X game

Features of 1win JetX game

JetX has its own features, making it a very popular game among 1win users around the world. Here are the most important features and benefits:

  • The RTP is 97%, which is pretty high for a casino game;
  • Rounds take place 24/7 in Live mode and the results are the same for all players;
  • You only need to press one button during the round to get your winnings;
  • Winning depends not only on luck, but also on the player’s actions;
  • You can see statistics about previous rounds, as well as the bets of other users playing at JetX;
  • The interface is as primitive as possible, with only two main buttons;
  • You can fully understand the game through the Demo mode before you start playing for real money.
List with the most important features and benefitsthe of 1win JetX game



Can I play the JetX Free Game with virtual money?

Yes, 1win has a demo casino game mode, so you can play Jet X for virtual money to get a better understanding of the game and try different strategies.


What are the minimum and maximum odds that can be played at JetX?

The minimum odds are 1.0, which means that the plane can actually crash at the start of the round. The maximum odds set by the developer is 25,000X.


Is JetX considered a Live Casino game?

As a matter of fact, it is. It is a real-time game, with rounds played around the clock, users place their bets, and the results are the same for all players.


What is the best winning strategy for JetX?

There is no universal tactic to guarantee a win, as the outcome of each round is randomly generated by artificial intelligence.