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Online Rocket X Game 1win

Rocket X is a fairly new Instant game from acclaimed developer 1Play. In it, users can get paid as quickly as possible in a couple of clicks, with everything depending not so much on luck, but on the player’s actions.

Here we would like to introduce you to what rocket x game online is, the basic strategies and instructions on how to start playing it on 1win.

Online Rocket X is a very popular game that is available for all 1win users

What is Rocket X Game?

Rocket X Crash Game belongs to the Instant Games genre, which is all about allowing the user to win big money as quickly and with as little effort as possible.

The Rocket X Crash Game in 1win belongs to the Instant Games genre

Rules of the game

Here are the basic rules of the game that you need to know:

  • The interface consists of two betting fields and an animated broadcast;
  • Users place their bets before starting a new round;
  • At the start of a round, the animation broadcast shows a drawn rocket on which a man who looks like Elon Musk is sitting takes off;
  • The higher the rocket flies, the higher the odds are on the screen;
  • At any point in the round the user can click on the cashout button and receive their winnings based on the odds at that point;
  • The rocket can crash at any point in the round, even at the very beginning, so all bets are lost;
  • The maximum odds per round are 25,000X;
  • RTP of the game is 97.0%.

That’s all you need to know. You place one or two bets, wait for the rocket to reach the correct odds and you win. That said, the rocket can crash whenever you like and it’s important to hit the cashout button in time.

List with the main rules what you need to know about the Rocket X Game by 1win

Rocket X betting game Algorithm

Rocket X is a game with a completely unpredictable final odds outcome. The fact is that this game is made on “Provably Fair” technology. This technology is based on a random number generator, so the outcome of each round is generated randomly by artificial intelligence. It is impossible to predict exactly when the rocket will crash.

Rocket X by 1win is a game with a completely unpredictable odds end result

How to start playing the Rocket X game at 1win?

Every Indian user over 18 years old can play and win rupees at Rocket X on 1win. We have prepared detailed instructions on how to do this for you:

  1. Open 1win’s website or app;
  2. Click on the registration button and create an account by filling in the fields – Email, phone number, password, currency;
  3. Click on the deposit button and add money to your balance any way you like;
  4. Find “Rocket X” on the casino page using the search bar;
  5. Place your bets and win!

Immediately after you click “Cashout” at the time of the round, your winnings will be deposited into your balance and you can withdraw them from 1win.

Simple steps how to start playing Rocket X in 1win

Rocket X Demo Mode

You can log in to Rocket X with no money on your balance to see all the elements of the interface – betting boxes, statistics and the stakes window for other players. You will be able to see how fast the odds are growing and how you can take your winnings. Once you have got the hang of it, you can switch to real money mode by restarting the game.

Play the demo version of Rocket X in 1win

Play Rocket X game for real money

This is the main game mode, where you bet directly on rupees and win them. You can place one or two bets per round, wait for the value you want and then click on the cashout button. Immediately after that, the money you win will go into your 1win balance and you can withdraw it.

Playing for real money in Rocket X 1win game is the main type of game

Download Rocket X App

Users in India can download and install the 1win app on their smartphone completely free of charge. This allows you to play and win on Rocket X at any time. In order to download Rocket X you need to:

  • Open the 1win mobile website from any browser and navigate to the bottom of the site;
  • Click on the button with the logo of your smartphone operating system;
  • Download and install the application on your gadget.
  • After that the 1win icon will appear on your smartphone home screen, you can open it, log in to your account or create one, top up your balance and start playing.

Rocket X is optimised for playing on a small screen, you see the rocket take-off process, statistics and place your bets in a single click. Transactions are also available, allowing you to withdraw your winnings quickly.

Easy steps to download the Rocket X App on the 1win site

Best Strategy for Rocket X casino game

A game that operates based on a random number generator is completely unpredictable. It is impossible to predict the winning outcome in advance, and yet there are a number of strategies and tactics that are popular with regular Rocket X Crash Game players. We would like to tell you about some of the most popular ones.

Double Bets

You place two bets per round. You withdraw one of them at odds of 2.0 so you don’t lose anything. The other is when you wait for the big odds you want.

Information about the best strategy and double bets in the 1win Rocket X game

Mathematical Probability

Even though the outcome of every round is random, there is a mathematical theory about probability. Based on it – several high odds in a row are unlikely, just like low odds. Avoid betting for a while, wait for a few low odds to come in a row and then place your bet.

Big Betting Strategy

You place a big bet, and you cash out as fast as possible, at odds of 1.3-1.5. That way, you minimize your chances of losing. However, if the plane crashes at the start of the round, you lose everything.

Information about Mathematical Probability and High Stakes Strategy in 1win's Rocket X game

Low Bets Strategy

You place low odds bets while waiting for the actual high odds. In this way, you risk losing a little money and stand a chance of winning a lot.

Martingale Strategy

This popular strategy originated from another game, roulette. The idea is that if you lose, you increase your bet by 2 times, waiting for a winning round and thus get a win when you get lucky.

Information about Low Bets and Martingale strategy in 1win's Rocket X game

Rocket X game tips & tricks for winning

There are a number of tricks that Rocket X enthusiasts use that can slightly increase their chances of winning. We’d like to share them with you:

  • Choose a strategy. If you’re betting big, cash out at low odds; if you’re betting low, don’t be afraid to take a risk, because it can make a big profit;
  • Be patient and calm, don’t give in to excitement and don’t bet too much because of losses in previous rounds;
  • Use the “Auto Withdrawal” button, as you might miss the chance to hit the cashout button;
  • Try different types of games and influence the volatility of your balance yourself by evaluating the amount of bets you can place.
Short list with tips and tricks for the game Rocket X at 1win

Features of 1win Rocket X game

Rocket X has a large audience of players, with hundreds to thousands of users around the world playing it all the time, and that’s no surprise. The game has a number of features and benefits, and we’ve highlighted the main ones:

  • The game is played live and the outcome of each round is the same for all users;
  • You can see statistics about the previous rounds as well as other players’ bets;
  • Whether you win or lose is largely up to you;
  • You can play the Demo Mode to get a better understanding of the basics of the game;
  • The interface is as clear as possible and you get your winnings in two taps on the screen;
  • The RTP of the game is 97.0%, which is pretty high for a casino game, and the maximum winnings are up to 20,000X!
List of the most important features and benefits of the 1win Rocket X game



Is Rocket X considered a live casino game?

In fact, it is, because all rounds are live, there are multiple players in the session and the results are the same for all. Users, through the virtual scoreboard, choose when to push the cashout.


Can I withdraw my winnings through the Rocket X app?

Yes, as soon as you cash out in Rocket X game, your winnings are deposited into your balance and you can withdraw them.


Is it possible to predict the outcome of a round in Rocket X?

No, you can’t, because the outcome of each round is determined by an artificial intelligence that runs on a random number generator. Each round is completely unpredictable.


What is the maximum and minimum winnings I can get with the Rocket X game?

The maximum win set by the developer of 1Play is 25,000X. Speaking of minimum odds – the rocket could crash at the start of the round, then all players’ bets would be lost.