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Lucky Jet 1win Game

The casino section on 1win features a very popular instant game, Lucky Jet. This is a unique game where you can bet and win rupees very quickly. What makes this game different is that everything is determined not just by luck, but by the patience and actions of the player himself.

On this page, we want to tell you all the details about the Lucky Jet game. We will also share instructions on how to start playing it.

Detailed review of the game Lucky Jet 1win

About Lucky Jet Online game

Lucky Jet was developed by the renowned provider Gaming Corps. The game has quickly gained popularity because it’s so easy to play and win. 

Official game nameLucky Jet
DeveloperGaming Corps
Maximum odds200
CategoryMultiplier Game 
Where to play Lucky JetExclusively at 1win Casino
Analogues and similar gamesAviator, crash games
Detailed information about Lucky Jet Online game at 1win in India

Lucky Jet Rules

When you enter this game, you will see two betting fields. As soon as the round starts, an animated man with a Jetpack on his shoulders soars into the air. At the same time, on the playing field, you see the odds constantly increasing. At any time of the man’s flight you can press the ‘Cashout’ button and receive your winnings, the amount of which depends on the odds at the time of pressing. That said, however, the animated man can fly away at absolutely any time, even at the very beginning of the round. If the player fails to press the cashout button in time, he loses.

So, as you may have realized, winning at 1win lucky jet is not only a matter of luck, but also depends a lot on the player.

The main rules of Lucky Jet game at 1win in India

How to play 1win Lucky Jet?

Playing Lucky Jet India for real money at 1win is easy. We’ve put together a little instruction to help you make Lucky Jet Bet:

  1. Log in to 1win;
  2. Create an account;
  3. Deposit INR into your balance;
  4. Login to Lucky Jet 1win;
  5. Start playing!

As soon as you do, you’ll receive your winnings, which will appear on your balance and will be available for withdrawal.

Para começar a jogar 1win Lucky Jet, você precisa seguir algumas condições

Lucky Jet Demo game

Our users have the opportunity to play the lucky jet demo. In this mode, you play for virtual money and don’t risk your own. The demo mode allows you to get a better understanding of the game, understand how to bet and cash out, and, of course, develop your strategy for the game.

Lucky Jet Demo jogo disponível para todos os jogadores 1win da Brasil

Download Lucky Jet App

To play the game from your smartphone, you can download the 1win Lucky Jet app. It is available for Android and iOS devices and you can download it for free.

Here is a quick guide on how to download Lucky Jet app:

  1. Open the 1win mobile site from any smartphone browser;
  2. Navigate to the bottom of the homepage;
  3. Click on the button with the logo of your gadget’s operating system (Android/iOS);
  4. Download and install the Lucky Jet app on your smartphone.

Using Lucky Jet apk from 1win, you have full access to all casino games, account management and transactions, allowing you to withdraw your winnings quickly.

Guia rápido sobre como baixar o aplicativo Lucky Jet no 1win

Lucky Jet Prediction

The Lucky Jet game is powered by Provably Fair technology. This is a technology in which artificial intelligence, powered by a random number generator, determines the outcome of each round. Thus, it is impossible to predict the winning outcome in advance. Lucky Jet, like any other casino game, is controlled by a server provider, protected from unauthorized access and third-party interference to the random number generator. At the software level, the following factors are controlled:

  • The odds, as they are generated based on code on the provider’s server as well as the nodes of the three random players;
  • The duration of the flight, which is related to the previous parameter, can be analyzed and predicted if it is possible to compensate for the negative mathematical expectation;
  • Volatility – describes the level of risk, showing how often and in what amount one can get winnings when placing bets.

Thus, it is impossible to make absolutely correct predictions, as the algorithm of Provably Fair technology applies to all processes of the Lucky Jet game.

Informações sobre Lucky Jet Prediction by 1win

1win Lucky Jet Signals

Some regular players have their own Lucky Jet Signals system. These signals supposedly help increase the chances of winning. Since the game runs on “Provably Fair” technology, there are no Lucky jet predictors guaranteeing a win. However, there is a set of hints, calculated on the basis of statistics from previous draws of rounds, which allow you to reduce the risk of losing and systematize your winnings while betting.

Here are examples of such Lucky Jet signals:

  • A repeating scenario is noticed in playing sessions – after 4 low odds in a row (though it rarely happens), a high multiplier appears;
  • About 85%-90% of all rounds in Lucky Jet have odds from 1.20 and above. In other words, all you need to do to win is to react in time and cash out at a given quote.

There are telegram channels that sell special bots that are supposedly able to calculate the outcome of the next round, based on statistical data and quotes. However, since the provider has made sure that the outcome is random, there can be no guarantee that such bots will work.

Lista com exemplos de tais sinais do Lucky Jet por 1win

Strategy for Lucky Jet game

Each user determines his own winning strategy. The fact is that there is no unique recipe that can guarantee you victory. 1win Lucky Jet is based on a random number generator. In simple terms, the outcome of each round is random and it is impossible to make a true lucky jet prediction.

You can use an upside strategy, which means you can increase your bets if you lose a round. You can also analyse the history of previous rounds to predict the outcome of the next. However, in all cases, this does not guarantee victory.

Thus, first and foremost, the best Lucky jet strategy is to relax and have fun.

Strategy for Lucky Jet for winning at 1win bookie

Best Lucky Jet game tricks

Although no strategy guarantees a win, active Lucky Jet-loving gamblers have a number of tricks of their own that they use all the time. 

We’ll tell you briefly about the most basic ones:

  • Until you fully understand the game, cash out at small odds, i.e. 1.3-1.8, and play the demo version before you start playing for real money;
  • Pay attention to the 1win lucky jet signals, as there is full information about the previous rounds open to you. If mathematical probability is to be believed, low odds are more likely to be followed by high odds and vice versa.

Remember that there is no such thing as a Lucky Jet predictor, this game is completely unpredictable. Be patient, relax and don’t be too greedy in the pursuit of high odds!

Best Lucky Jet game tricks for winning at 1win India

Benefits of Lucky Jet game

Lucky Jet has so many benefits that make it so popular in India and around the world.

Here are the main ones you should be aware of:

  • You can win money as quickly as possible;
  • Rupiahs are credited to your account as soon as you click cashout;
  • All rounds are live and the results are the same for all users;
  • You see the full history of Lucky Jet Signals in previous rounds;
  • You can place two bets per round to cash out one early and the other later;
  • You can play the demo version to get a better understanding of the basics of the game;
  • You can see other users’ bets, which allows you to feel the competitive spirit.
Key benefits of Lucky Jet game at 1win India website



Yes, you can legally play this game on 1win, as we are internationally licensed by Curacao and we only allow adult users to play.


How to win in Lucky Jet betting game?

It is impossible to make an accurate lucky jet prediction, it all depends on the user’s luck and whether or not he/she has time to hit the cashout button.


What is Lucky Jet app?

We have a 1win mobile app available for free download and installation for every user from India. In it you can play all our games, including LuckyJet.